Nathan Storey is a seasoned folk rock singer-songwriter from Charlotte, NC. Nathan has developed a sound where, “he puts lush emotion and sincerity into each note making any listener sit up and take notice…his melodies and chord changes become hook laden delights,” as described by John Fonvielle, The Beat Magazine. In his songwriting, "Storey weaves intimate tunes, filled with emotion and powerful metaphor," as detailed by Hunter Gardner of Charleston Grit.

Nathan released his second album, A Sea To Sail, in May of 2015. He is currently working on touring to promote the album and expand his fan base. His hope is that this album would connect with listeners on very relatable level and that his tour will allow him to make connections in person about music, life, and faith. With his first album, The Falcon and the Fox, he had the opportunity to perform at venues all over the east coast from New York City all the way to Orlando, Florida. Notable venues include the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., The Evening Muse, and The Double Door Inn in Charlotte. Moving forward, he hopes to expand on this success and use his new record to open even more doors.



Prior to his solo ventures, Nathan was in bands in his home town of Wilmington, NC. These projects were invaluable in giving him the experience to fine tune his craft and shape his music career into what it is today. He has made long lasting relationships with the talented musicians who he has continued to collaborate with on subsequent projects, including his most recent album.

Nathan is looking to the future and excited about exploring new opportunities. As he says in "A Sea To Sail," the title track off the record, "I'll let the day take hold and I've got to be bold."


Photographer: Sarah DeShields